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Energy is the basis of Life[edit]


We need energy to live:

  • Clean air is based on energy (not polluting ...)
  • Food is based on energy (you joules and kcals)
  • Clean water is based on energy (not polluting ...)
  • Safety is based on energy
  • Transportation is based on energy

What we are not use to is to measure energy in physical units for our daily activities. Especially the value of goods is measured mostly using currencies. Unfortunately an amount of #### of some currency unit will not let you survive if it's not convertible into a proper amount of energy.

That's why it would make much more sense to have energy units as a currency in the first place. Most people will understand the value of a kilowatt hour. This is an energy unit that you see on your electricity bill. But it's also useful to calculate other values:

For 1 kilowatt hour you can drive with your 100 kilowatt car (136 horsepower) for 36 seconds ...

Ways to save energy[edit]

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How the Energy issue influences our lives[edit]

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What you can do[edit]

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