Basic needs

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What do you need for living?

  • Air - you can only do a few minutes without it
  • Water - you can only do a few hours without it
  • Energy (Food) - you can only do a few days without it
  • A warm, dry and secure place to live in - how long would you do without it?

These are the main basics and they are all under threat by the not so basic things we consider essential in our modern life. The way we value energy is a key to making sure we don't loose the basic things.

How your life depends on energy

  • Did you know that a standard car needs the same amount of energy two run 2 minutes that a man needs to eat one day?
  • That most of the burning of oil,gas and coal does not produce energy that we actually use?
  • Check how much energy you need per year
  • That we could have a better life if we'd handle energy differently?<